HoFP Gallery


HoFP Gallery: Delightfully Devine House of Frames and Paintings, Inc opened in what had been Shandon’s 1st grocery store in 1967 and has been growing and going strong ever since. Fifty years of continuous service in the same location have made the shop a fixture in the lives of their clients - many are third or even fourth generation! Alma Altfather founded the business and Pappy Altfather joined her after he decided to sell Alt-Lee Photography. Alice Perritt, the current owner, started working there in 1980. Pappy took one look at her and told his wife "She won’t last thirty days." She proved him wrong by becoming the manager and then the owner in 1988. Devine Street has improved with age and so has the Gallery. The sleepy little shop grew to bursting. In 1989 an 800 sq ft woodshop was added on and the interior was reconfigured. The staff grew. The name was abbreviated to initials: HoFP Gallery. Termites and time led to a construction phase that ended in 2003. The 2000 sq ft upstairs addition complete with terrace was designed for art shows but has also become a popular place to rent for parties and events. Even with all its history though, not a week goes by but that someone who’s lived nearby for years ‘discovers’ this new place and is amazed to know they’ve missed out. “We used to be a destination stop for our clients, but now that Devine Street is such a fashionable shopping area, we have lots of walk-in traffic”, says Perritt. “That’s made a huge impact on the way we present art. We look for artwork that is attractive and sophisticated and appeals to a variety of tastes.” The mix includes local as well as national and international artists, traditional to edgy styles and a variety of media. The staff has been ambitious enough to schedule as many as ten shows in a year but that’s proven to be too much. “We needed to find a balance between personal service and public events and have opted to host fewer shows. We’ve found our grove.” “We are committed to supporting the arts in general,” Perritt says. “We’ve gotten involved in events around town; supported Artists Against Aids and lots of other charity auctions, sponsored Cultural Council, McKissick Museum and Columbia Museum of Art shows, and even individual artist’s shows held elsewhere. She has also purchased art at nearly every venue in town for her own collection. “I’d like to see Columbia’s art galleries and studios build a spirit of co-opetition - cooperative competition. That way we all win; the galleries, the artists and the community.” The gallery is the more public face of the business, but as the original name suggests, it’s not just an art store. "We sell art, of course, but for someone to truly enjoy a piece of art it must be properly presented. We do everything having to do with art; first-rate framing, specialty art lighting, easels and so on for display, hanging solutions and storage products. No matter where you acquire your art, we love to take it and make it better", says Perritt. What keeps clients coming back is stellar design, attention to detail, personal service and quality; good things to be good at if you’re going to be around for decades. For more information on the House of Frames & Paintings, Inc., call 803-799-7405, e-mail info@hofpgallery.com, or visit www.hofpgallery.com.



2828 Devine St
Columbia, South Carolina 29205
United States

In Columbia SC's first suburb, Old Shandon, just east of the University of SC.


  • We have a full-service woodshop, complete with tablesaw, bandsaw and specialty joining equipment. We can handle extra large and/or complicated projects including unusual angles and required depth.
  • CPF


Tues - Fri, 9:00 - 5:30 Sat 10:00 - 5:00 & by appointment.