Groglass® is a high-tech company from Latvia specializing in manufacturing anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass. Currently Groglass® products are exported to more than 45 countries worldwide, including Germany, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Brazil, Australia and more. The greatest artworks framed in Artglass™ can be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in The Hague, the Netherlands, in the National Museum in Belgrade, Serbia and many other well-known museums all around the world. The most popular Artglass™ by Groglass® products for picture framing are: • Artglass WW™ - virtually invisible glass with a smooth surface that allows for details to emerge unaltered, and can be cut and glazed from either side. • Artglass WW UV 90™ - with a preservation grade UV protection and light transmission of over 98%, provides a perfect balance between protection and clarity. • Artglass PROTECT WW™ - this shatter resistant glass is perfect choice for safe and enduring framing of larger pieces of artworks. It also guarantees reflection free and enhanced clarity performance while providing up to 100% UV protection. Artglass™ by Groglass® products are chosen, because of the high quality and the valuable features and benefits: • Less than 1% reflection, what is 8 times less than regular glass; • Up to 99% light transmission, thus enhancing the true and undistorted colors; • Ultimate clarity – artworks are visible without any distortions; • Up to 100% UV protection, what helps to prevent the artworks from fading; • Easy to process to your specifications; • Extremely durable and abrasion resistant; • Easy to clean and perfect for everyday use. Groglass® team is continuing to listen to the client`s needs and to invest in research and development with aim to develop new products. Speaking of innovations, we will soon be glad to deliver the following new products: • Artglass UV 99™ - the highest performance anti-reflective glass with 99% UV protection, what helps to prevent the treasured keepsake from fading. This product combines the best features like: no pink reflection from an angle, no “orange peel” / surface distortion and crisp image resolution. Artglass UV 99™ meets ISO 18902 standard for UV protection and it is your perfect choice for picture framing! • Artglass Heritage Acrylic™ - a perfect choice for oversized items, travelling exhibits, friable media (charcoals and pastels), irreplaceable artworks and applications where shatter resistance, lightweight and UV protection along with superior clarity is essential.


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